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The quiz and assessment process is what distinguishes us. It allows us to ensure that you are understanding the information, allows us to verify your progress and allows for grading for Certification.

In other word, it VERIFIES your participation and knowledge.
All Course-Units have a quiz at the end and most quizzes require a minimum score. If you do not pass the quiz, you may repeat it a maximum of three times.
If you fail three times contact us to allow additional opportunities.
At the end of Course (having taken all the course-units) there is a final exam.
This is important because it will allow you to pass to the next course and will give you an Achievement Badge, which has value for you (see Points and Achievements).
You earn Points and Achievements by successful completion of Courses and Special Challenges.
Certifications and Membership Levels require minimum points and achievements.
You also receive upgrades and discounts with your points and achievements. For example, some activities have costs (Conferences, Live Courses, some Certifications and our Client Development System) and you can apply your points as discounts.
In fact, you can earn free access to several activities (such as the Advanced Professionalism Certificate) and up to 80% in total discount to Conferences, Live Courses and our Client Development System.
Points and Achievements are all within your control and reach, so challenge yourself!

Honor system

We operate on an Honor System in which you pledge that your work is done honestly and is strictly your own effort.
In addition, we occasionally ask quiz questions, called Honor Questions, that rely in this Honor System.
For example, we may ask you a question that requires you to write a brief answer. We will then show you the correct answer and ask you yes-no if you answered correctly.
If we later see that you did not answer honestly, we will return you to the beginning of the course.
And if it happens more than once, we reserve the right to remove you from our site.
If you make a mistake in one of these Honor Questions, notify us immediately (use the Contact Us in the menu) to avoid misunderstandings.

How To

From your Personal Page, either click Your Courses in the upper menu or go to the far right column and click on Go to Your Courses.
On the Courses Overview page, look at the right side. There you have a list of all of your courses. The green check indicates that a you have already successfully completed that Coures-Unit.
Go to the next course-unit in bold type below the last green check-mark. That is your current course-unit.
Click and go!
A Certificate has several Courses. Each Course has several Modules. Each Module has a few Course-Units.
The Course-Units is where you will spend your time with their lessons and quizzes.

For the Basic Certificate, you must take your Courses in the order they are listed in the Courses Overview. And you must take each course-unit in the order listed as well.

Course-units are generally about 6 to 8 minutes long, no longer.
Most course-units have a quiz at the end and most of those quizzes require a minimum score.
When you pass the course-unit quiz, you will automatically be taken to the next course-unit (be patient, it takes a moment to process the transition).
Finally, at the end of Course (having taken all the course-units) ther is a final exam..


  • Professional Responsibility
  • Protecting Information and Strategy
  • Managing their Work their Way
  • Billing, Engagement, Collection
  • Technology Competence
  • Corporate Diversity and Inclusion
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • The Corporate Framework

More Information

Basic Level

– Access to Basic Professionalism Certification
– All related resources (when verified)
– Insights (when verified)
Able to advance to Advanced level with:
– Completing the Basic Certification and the passing final exam
– Completing three Special Challenges

Advanced Level

– Conference Discount of 10%
– Access to the Advanced Professionalism Certification
– Access to the Verified Master Courses
– Access to Project and Process Management Certification
– All related resources
– Insights (all archives and 2 every 2 weeks)
Able to advance to Elite level with:
– Completing Advanced Certification and passing final exam
– Completing five challenges

– Completing one Verified Master Courses

Elite Level

– Conference Discount of 25%
– Access to Elite Professionalism Certification
– Access to Client Development System
– Access to Negotiation Certification
– Access to Communication Certification
– Can author Insights
We allow you to register and begin your Certification studies cost-free and relatively anonymously.
This is to allow you to see immediately how the Certification process works and what the courses and exams are like.
When you are comfortable with the Institute, we will ask you to verify your data, specifically your true name, where you work, type of law practice and phone number. Your information is strictly private, stored off-site and never used except between us.
We want you to value our Certificates and Opportunities and you can only do that if you know that our members are, in fact, real lawyers!
There is no cost for continuing once you are verified.
! International Lawyer Training



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* If you have any problems or questions regarding your Courses or other, please use the “Question or Comment” from the top menu instead of this form
Achievments and Points are required to advance beyond the Basic Level. They open the door to advanced courses, special opportunities and discounts on live courses and Conferences.
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