An absolutely essential aspect of professionalism for foreign counsel and international lawyers who work with U.S. or American clients and law departments is effective writing

Time: Two (2) hours live and fourteen (14) hours on-line.
Cost: No Charge for the Course, although a minimum cost-recovery for materials, space, meals and refreshments will be determined.

Prerequisites: A comfortable and professional working level of English.
Required Resources: The Course is based primarily on proprietary materials and also requires the purchase and use (via on-line review) of : Reading Law, The Interpretation of Legal Texts by Justice Antonin Scalia, The Elements of Legal Style by Bryan A Gardner, Thinking Like a Lawyer by Frederick Schauer and Legal Writing in Plain English, A Text with Exercises.
Certificate: This course forms 50% of the Advanced Communications Skills for Lawyers Certificate.


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december, 2021

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Good writing is clear thinking made visible.

Professional writing is about more than just effective use of words. It is also concerned with organizing ideas so that they make sense to the reader, and designing documents to make them clear and functional.

Effective writing is a user-driven approach to writing and designing documents. It avoids archaic words, jargon, unnecessary technical expressions and complex language and seeks well-phrased, well-reasoned and well-understood written communication.

But it is not simplistic English. It aims to communicate information in the most efficient and effective way possible while remaining technically correct.

It involves knowing your own style in the use of English, a style that makes the communication of substance more articulate and more effective. It involves analytical prowess, cogent reasoning, logic and and effective persuasion.

This course will guide you to that level of professionalism.


Participation is limited to a maximum of twelve (12) lawyers to allow personal interaction.
The live course is followed by an on-line interactive course that expands on the fundamentals from the live session. Completion of the on-line course and exams is mandatory for recognition.



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October 26 and 27 2017

My Competitive Advantage

Participating with the Institute courses is like opening a door and stepping into a room that you knew was there but you did not have the key.

Juliana describes her experience with courses at the Foreign Counsel Institute

Now I have the key. Now I can create more sophisticated and higher-level relationships with American Corporate Counsels.

I confess to you that my biggest career mistake was my failure to understand how…

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Juliana Silva – Corporate, Commercial and IP Law, twelve years legal experience in three U.S. multinational pharmaceutical corporations – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Join me on Linkedin!

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A private group of international attorneys dedicated to giving a significant competitive advantage to foreign lawyers who make the effort to understand the US Corporate Counsel professional and operational paradigm.

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international lawyers work with u.s. american corporate law departments

Two, certainly enhances the awareness of assumed expectations, and thus improved partnering.

Three, an inside track towards client development of U.S. Corporate lawyers and law departments.

There are no big secrets revealed here, but practical insights, presented in a coherent framework that allows one to see and understand the whole picture.

Christian Klein, Financial Regulatory Law – Frankfurt, Germany.

My Competitive Advantage

I believe that the client sets the goal, together we agree on the strategy, and the local tactics are my prerogative. But this can bring a tension and risk especially with non-French clients.

Therefore, I enjoy to develop the Institute´s recommended approach.

One example that works marvelous for me: The decision-tree technique in a process management map. This is now my fundamental system because it communicates clearly what the client wants to know and control.

I have convinced Clients to trust me with this technique alone.

Louise Lefebrve, Labour Law, Labour Relations Restructuring, Litigation – Paris, France