international lawyer working with U.S. American corporate clients and corporate law departments training provided by the Foreign Counsel institute

Time: Three (3) hours live and three (3) hours on-line.
Cost: No Charge for the Course, although a minimum cost-recovery for materials, space, meals and refreshments will be determined.
Prerequisites: A comfortable and professional working level of English.
Certificate: This course forms 25% of the Advanced Professionalism Certificate.

Required Resources: Primarily propriety materials delivered on-line and also Implementing Legal Project Management by Susan Raridon Lambreth and The Basics of Process Mapping by Robert Damelio
Format: Participation is limited to a maximum of twelve (12) lawyers to allow personal interaction.
The live course is followed by an on-line interactive course that expands on the fundamentals from the live session. Completion of the on-line course and exams is mandatory for recognition.


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september, 2021

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We remove the mystique from Legal Project Management and replace it with an actionable and useful set of skills. And the truths is, most lawyers are already using some LPM discipline without realizing it and some are very good at it.

However, without basic LPM training, it is impossible to reap the full benefits that LPM can deliver in terms of efficiency and profitability.

You will learn how to establish a solid framework for planning, communicating, billing and sharing control with your corporate client using the principles of process and project management.

All without losing your role as a Lawyer.


Establish Your Advantage Over the Competition
◊ The increasing pressure on Law Departments
◊ Using LPM to position your Law Firm in the marketplace

What Is Your Most Effective Role?
◊ What you must do yourself, what you can delegate or hire out
◊ The challenge of managing multiple projects
◊ Hiring dedicated project managers vs. training your lawyers in LPM

The Foreign Counsel Institute Framework for Legal Project Management
◊ How to establish confidence with a communication and control framework
◊ The relationship of billing and communication with project management
◊ The relationship of project management and process management

Establish Your Credibility by Managing Client Expectations
◊ Analyzing stakeholders and key stakeholder expectations
◊ Developing effective Scope of Work agreements
◊ Satisfying Expectations with a Communication Plan

Advance Your Advantage with Proper Use of the Planning Phase
◊ Integrate LPM with Matter Intake
◊ Role of the Client in planning and execution
◊ Communications planning
◊ Details of a project plan with a work breakdown structure, project schedule and resource/staffing plan

Accomplish the Client´s Goals with Increased Efficiency
◊ Process methodologies
◊ Process mapping

Profit with the LPM Budget Method
◊ Budget and resources as fundamental terms
◊ Case Study – Project Plan and Budget

Execute and Monitor the Plan and Budget
◊ Gannt and PERT charts are enjoyable (and effective)
◊ Monitoring budget to actual
◊ Types of communication and communication channels; How and when to report performance to the Client; Billing as communication

Benefit from Schedule and Scope Changes
◊ The evils and benefits of scope creep
◊ Negotiating changes with Clients



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October 26 and 27 2017

My Competitive Advantage

Participating with the Institute courses is like opening a door and stepping into a room that you knew was there but you did not have the key.

Juliana describes her experience with courses at the Foreign Counsel Institute

Now I have the key. Now I can create more sophisticated and higher-level relationships with American Corporate Counsels.

I confess to you that my biggest career mistake was my failure to understand how…

Listen to Juliana

Juliana Silva – Corporate, Commercial and IP Law, twelve years legal experience in three U.S. multinational pharmaceutical corporations – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Join me on Linkedin!

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Who We Are

A private group of international attorneys dedicated to giving a significant competitive advantage to foreign lawyers who make the effort to understand the US Corporate Counsel professional and operational paradigm.

Who We Work With

Are you a licensed and practicing Lawyer in a country outside the United States? Do you want to represent U.S. Corporate Clients?

Serious professionals are always welcome to join us.

Your Invitation

Simple. Contact us and tell us your interest. Allow us to invite you to participate with us.

My Competitive Advantage

I give you three reasons:

One, quite valuable for distinguishing oneself from our collegial competition.

international lawyers work with u.s. american corporate law departments

Two, certainly enhances the awareness of assumed expectations, and thus improved partnering.

Three, an inside track towards client development of U.S. Corporate lawyers and law departments.

There are no big secrets revealed here, but practical insights, presented in a coherent framework that allows one to see and understand the whole picture.

Christian Klein, Financial Regulatory Law – Frankfurt, Germany.

My Competitive Advantage

I believe that the client sets the goal, together we agree on the strategy, and the local tactics are my prerogative. But this can bring a tension and risk especially with non-French clients.

Therefore, I enjoy to develop the Institute´s recommended approach.

One example that works marvelous for me: The decision-tree technique in a process management map. This is now my fundamental system because it communicates clearly what the client wants to know and control.

I have convinced Clients to trust me with this technique alone.

Louise Lefebrve, Labour Law, Labour Relations Restructuring, Litigation – Paris, France